Wednesday, December 21, 2005

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The Lonely Island video, Lazy Sunday

These dudes from Berkley, Cali having been posting their skits & songs on their website for a few years now. They have a new video that is pretty damn funny. They are apparently real hip hop heads & it shows. Ironically for a bunch of comedians kinda taking the piss, they end up not dissimiliar to Ugly Duckling. They've scored a slot on the weekly comedy show, Saturday Night Live after Fox, MTV & the Comedy Channel passed on them. Now I remember the incident that Kiether Sutherland was going on about when he was talking to Dave Letterman one night. The clip below is awesome. Music is dope & they can spit better than some emcees. Check their website for loads more, including the pilot for thier 'never picked up' show, Awesometown. A treasure trove of nuttiness from some bloody idiots. Ha ha!

The Lonely Island Website

VIDEO: SNL - Lazy Sunday
LINK: The Kiether Sutherland Incident - Thinks he's saving an old lady


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