Friday, December 02, 2005

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A Japanese supergroup created by Bathing Ape supremo Nigo.

This is the Teriyaki Boyz 1st album from Def Jam Recordings/Ape Sounds featuring the MC's Ilmari, Ryo-Z (Rip Slyme), Verbal, Wise (M-Flo) & Nigo with sound produced by The Neptunes, Daft Punk, DJ Premier, Adrock (Beastie Boys), Cornelius, Mark Ronson, The Alchemist, Dan The Automator and more.

I’m sorry, but no matter how you look at it, the word contrived cannot stray too far from ones mind. Wether it’s a pisstake, a fashion vehicle or an expensive vanity project, it’s just stupid. How different is this from Australian or American Idol? Is it guaranteed money in the bank? Will the Vice, Dazed & Confused, Fader kids wet themselves over it? Suckers will most likely lap it up or is it seriously too cheesy for even them. Surely they'll have thier own sneakers as well.
And Jay-Z has signed them to Roc-A-Fella???

Things become cool out of happenstance, things that are marketed as ‘cool’ rarely are. It’s that intangibility of the unknown response that make things interesting. Manufactured hipness is just rubbish. Personally, whenever I see group photos taken of the artists all wearing the same clothing, excitedly shouting open mouths at camera, I just think…pop shit.

…but then I heard the DJ Shadow track & well, it's not a bad attempt at trying to emulate the sound of the now termed 'random rap' era of the late 80s.The Cut Chemist is another track trying to sound more old school, circa 1980 hip hop, so them I like. A couple more & that's about it. Most just sounds hell corny.

The things you can do with a shitload of cash...

MP3: TERIYAKI BOYZ - Kamikaze produced by DJ Shadow.
MP3: TERIYAKI BOYZ - School of Rock produced by Cut Chemist
LINK: TERIYAKI BOYZ videoclip - Heartbreaker

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Who are all the sushi? These lads are a bit on the chubby side, trying to hide their double chins with goatees and wearing baggy clothes...

That said they're a reasonably unique conduit to advertise your fashion label on MTV. I Loved the shots lingering on the Daft Punk trainers, now every trust fund kind with his dads Amex is gonna want a $500 pair.

That customised Rolls Royce is probably the best thing about the video.