Saturday, December 24, 2005

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THE BUDOS BAND - The Budos Band
Daptone. 2005.

This Staten Island based 11 piece funk band have some serious chops when it comes to making some extremely convincing funk music. They have it all, musically & spiritually, but what works for me the most are the punching horns. Oh my golly gosh, they just hit hard. Any funk band worth a grain of salt would only be selling themselves short without them. They aren't your standard horns. Nope, they scream more than a 70's cop show soundtrack ever could. Just make sure you lock up your damn daughters when they appear. They are that damn attractive with their alluring textures & frantic pacing that they could distract you from your parental authority for a several minutes, leaving the young lasses to sneak out the back window when you aren't looking to make whoopee with some of the sleazier parts of the brass section.

Be warned though, the next threat could come from the percussion section. This mob are like the Russian mafia, ready to ransack a small town to take away all the virgins. The organs, drums, guitars would all jump into the fray if they got half a chance. So there’s no rest in that department either. Many groups could learn how to do it the right way if they heard this album. So if ever you needed convincing that contemporary funk is but a sad Xerox of yesteryear, then snap your bloody head this way & download the track below. I do prefer when they up the tempo & get a little bit of that Afro vibe happening. Then they be taking hostages any which way they liked...with permission of course. Oh & this album took 3 days to lay down. Fuck I like underproduced music. Just get some talent in a room & jam the shit hard. Sweet.

Daptone website
Budos website A bit skeleton at the mo.

MP3: THE BUDOS BAND - Aynotchesh Yererfu

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moyinka said...

Never heard of 'em but it's really good, thanks for the heads up, I'll be seeking out a copy.