Thursday, December 01, 2005

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CULTURE CONNECT - Natural Intelligence EP
The 8 members of this Darwin based outfit truely represent our multi-cultural environment, with countries like Haiti, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Holland, Zimbabwe & Ghana amongst its members backgrounds. The Territory should be proud. There’s no attempt to be anything other than they are on thsi debut EP. No feeling of contrivance & no tracks are of the 3:30min or less radio approved length. It just doesn't feel like their kind of vibe. If I could relate them to anything, they’d fit in with a range of local groups, like Reference Point, Upshot, Tzu & in an essence, The Herd. Though you can feel that they would have an affinity with a group like The Roots. All the tracks are equally as good, but The Destructors has the most appeal & displays some excellent mic skills with lyrical content that steers clear of disposability. I’d be interested to hear the emcees flow over some ‘boom bap’ kind of beats, because they do have that ‘live band rapper’ sound.

MP3: CULTURE CONNECT - Destructors

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