Sunday, December 25, 2005

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The cuddly fella joins the roster of the Melbourne based label, Broken Tooth Entertainment, home to likes of The Hospice, Tornts, Ciecmnate & Newsense. Thsi is his first solo effort & as the title implies, it is a precursor to the forthcoming album A Foot Through the Door. If you want to give him a hug, he's the bigger member of the crew Overproof, which includes his rhyming partnerAbuse & producer Fame. Fame produces 7 of the 9 tracks & also rhymes on 2 of them, Sticks & Stones & the posse track, Act Like You Know with Nick Lupi & Justenuf of the crew Spit Syndicate. The only other producer is Mad Hektik, who provides the beats for 2 including the politically motivated track Believe. I upped the track graffiti dominated track Trains Mission, which is about Swarmy's night on the prowl looking for a place to paint. Though this is basically a collection of older tracks that will not be on the album, it is a sure sign that the Swarmy has managed to keep the underground street aspect tight with an educated vocabulary & which will keep many looking forward to more material. Next time you see Swarmy, ask him for his Adelaide handshake & you'll know what I mean... Ha!

Also coming soon is the Overproof album, The High Life mid 2006.
Broken Tooth website
MP3: SWARMY - Trains Mission

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