Thursday, December 15, 2005

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THE PHARCYDE - Sold My Soul.

Chock fulla gems. Remixes & Rarities galore. This is like the penultimate collection of the classic 4 membered Pharcyde. I love it when labels do the correct thing & make a release as good as it can be. Naturally some tracks were remixed more than others, so we get 4 versions of Soul Flower, 3 of Otha Fish & Ya Mama & 2 of Passin Me By & She Said. Leaving the rest as tracks taken from 12" single b-sides, compilations, soundtracks or unreleased remixes, Drop, Emerald Butterfly (only available on the 'Runnin' 7" single), Just Don't Matter, Live @ Dodger Stadium, My Soul, Pandemonium (from Streetfighter soundtrack), Pork, Flower & Y?.

Remixers include, Jay Dee, The Beatminerz, Fuzz Face, (Geoff 'Portishead' Barrow), Kenny Dope, Matt Dike, Brand New Heavies & L.A. Jay. Most of them hold up really well, even if some do have those easily identifiable mid-90s drums. Available on double CD or handy Triple vinyl. This will surely be snapped up. For it's a rare day that everyone would have every version that is available on here. I've upped the Rae & Christian remix of Runnin because I've always rated it highly & have had it on white label for years not knowing wether it was ever actually released comercially as a 12". Incidentally it was R&E's first ever remix in 95.

The cover photo looks remarkably like one from the 90s magazine Rap Pages.

Full track listing
MP3: The PHARCYDE - Runnin' Rae & Christian remix

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