Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wow!! A Hip Hop DJ in a film cameo.
I just went to see Terry Gilliam's film The Brother's Grimm. It was full of senseless shenanigans with 2 moronic lead actors & fruity European accents. It was dull, boring, pointless & to top it off, the screen was slightly blurry. Oh & what's with the overkill on the wide-angle lens? The stills & the trailer looked good. What happened?

So I was peeved & annoyed (yeah, both), so I then snuck into another cinema & blindly ended up seeing a romantic comedy film starring Uma Thurman & Meryl Streep set in New York called Prime. It was much better & I probably liked it more because of the turd I just sat through. It's a cool little film in which the main male character was a part-time artist. You could see that he must've done graff at one stage in his life because some of his paintings incorporated tags & throw-ups. What I wanted to say was that 2 of the characters went to a party & the deejay at the house was Stretch Armstrong.
That is all.

You know what is amusing? When I googled the film for some more info I came across this review site. Screen It. Unbelievable..

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