Monday, December 05, 2005

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New JEHST videoclip for Nuke Proof Suit

New clip for the title track of his new album, Nuke Proof Suit, is up on The Beta Brothers website. To be frank, it looks like an Eminem clip on a 1000th of the budget. The similiarities are obvious, fom the Osama visuals, to dressing up as a woman, to the comic book visuals. Though I think I'm a bit daft & it is indeed a parody of Eminem's clips, then that is okay. Ha! Dolt! You be the judge. Whereas their video for Skinnyman's Council Mind of Estate is so much better in its simplicity.

Beta Brothers website
Jehst website

MP3: RHAJHA - Fantastic ft. Braintax & Jehst
From the Spanish artist's album, Tierra Caliente.

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