Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Youtube.com has gone ballistic

For example...The UMC's- Blue Cheese

Not sure if people have been paying attention, but Youtube has gone nuts in the last month. There are a few online video hosting sites, but seems as though this has turned into everyone's favourite. Type in Gangstarr & have a gander at what turns up. The clip for Positivity as well as a whole bunch of other clips. You'll go insane at what there is up already. You'll need a hi-speed connection to view them decently.

One thing that is becoming increasingly annoying is that every turd thinks it's cool to up some karaoke type footage of themselves mugging at the camera. There have been some amusing ones in the past, but it has now overstayed its welcome & is becoming tiresome. Every fool has jumped onto it & they all think they're pretty funny. They're not.

You can use this website to download the videos. I haven't sussed it out as yet.

Before the authorities crackdown on these sites, watch crazy things like 17mins of some West Coast graffiti footage.


Anonymous said...

That behaviour is a disgrace 2 an artform that is already struggling for respect from outsiderz!

AliaK said...

that's quite a contrast - the sqeaky clean innocent looking UMC clip compared to the violence in the west coast graf vid