Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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DJ Q-BERT's 'Breaktionary' 4 Volume set.

The music used by DJ Qbert for Breakdance battles (as seen in the latest Freestyle Session DVD) is now available on a 4 record set featuring over 250 rare funk breaks one after another at the same user friendly tempo in a 4 record set! No more carrying tons of crates to a jam, just grab doubles of each record and get loose just like Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Muzik"! Rock the true school hip-hop on the tables and sample the rawest beats onto your drum machines and music programs!

As an added bonus, you can combine all 4 covers by world famous artist, D23 (Damon Soule) in any direction!

D23 website

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ELITE_TRON said...

another shameless foray into music for q-bert aka the unsuspecting grifter.

just like governments invent work to keep you tired and unchallenging. q-bert does this to suck the marrow out of your live performances so he can still obtain ridiculous amounts of money as 'being the best' thus perpetuating his extortion syndicates.

don't be fooled by his happy-go-lucky, 12 year old disposition, he wants you on your knees. you could have done this and pressed it up if you were smart.

the filipinos are always the last ones you suspect.