Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Firewater is their 5th album & their last as a 3 man crew. They'll be splitting up after their upcoming tour in the USA. J-Ro is going to live in Sweden, probably to hook up with the crew Breakmecanix. Unfortunately I was sent an early promo copy without production credits. So i'm not sure which tracks the Swedes produced on this album. I think E-Swift handled the majority of the production. DangerMouse & Evidence also pitched in. Some of the fuzzy synth tracks are a bit disposable, but on the whole it's a typical Liks album about drinking & getting blind. Nice to Hear King T show up again on the track Over Here.

The DVD looks pretty cool. Though why they didn't wait until they could've added the clip for The Flute Song is a bit strange.

•••Beer Goggles DVD•••
- Music Videos Collection 1993-2003
Including unreleased and uncensored videos with behind-the-scenes commentary from Tha Alkaholiks. More info on the track selection here

Alkaholiks website

Flute Song video RealPlayer stream

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nick said...

dangermouse did the track CHAOS and evidence did HANDLE IT... theres another dude on there too.. but i forget his name.

its not too bad...