Monday, February 27, 2006

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HARVEY LINDO - Kid Gloves. Compost Records

Broken beat producer Modaji steps out of his Laws of Motion moniker for a downbeat hip hop & soul affair & the results are pretty spesh. This album was initially released on the Japanese label Jazzy Sport almost a year ago but has recently been picked up by Compost Records for the European market, making it much easier for the rest of the world to obtain in the process. There are a few guests with members from Maspyke as well as Count Bass D, Lacks & some soulful chick singers. There should be double vinyl. As usual 2 EPs were released in Japan only. Modaji is an accomplished musician, so the music is a calibre more sophisticated than your usual album though he keeps the breaks & samples evident.

Harvey Lindo@MySpace

MP3: HARVEY LINDO - Tommorrow's World ft. Lacks.

KERO ONE - Windmills of the Soul. Plug Label

San Fran Bay Area based graff writer/producer/emcee/deejay/label owner Kero One has been a perfect example of the independant artist. Having started his own recording venture Plug Label, he's managed to keep everything inhouse with his own ideas intact & they are slowly paying off. The perseverance has paid off with some worthwhile Japanese hook-ups on the way. His style is jazz sample based with lyrics about the diggin', graff, life all over a very laidback vibe. There are a couple of instrumental tracks, which is a definite plus, for the album works better as a whole with the musical interludes to break up Kero's vocals. Labelmate Niamaj is the only guest. Kero's mate King Most produced the vinyl loving track Keep it Alive.

Kero One@MySpace

MP3: KERO ONE - Keep it Alive

Available locally in Australia through Creative Vibes

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Planet said...

There's also an instrumental version to the Harvey Lindo LP. I got one of the EP's featuring Roddy Rod. I posted about it on my blog. Peace.