Wednesday, February 01, 2006

EXHIBITIONIST - Opening Friday 3/2/06, 7-10pm.

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Show continues Saturday 4/2, 10-4pm
China Heights Gallery, L3, 16-28 Foster St, Surry Hills SYDNEY 2010

China Heights is proud to present Exhibitionist, a solo show by Cabel, featuring small and large scale Canvasses, Installations and a large collection of 80's Gaming Consoles, Skate, Sci Fi & Hip Hop memorabilia, collected over 20 years.

Turntables, Mixers, Speakers, Amps, Hip Hop Mags, Canvases/Paintings, Sculpture, Toys, old Oz Spraycans (50's-70's), Skateboards, Drawing Table, Easels, Foamcore Graphics, Star Wars, 80's Computers/ Carts/ Tapes/ Peripherals + early Sega/Nintendo/ Coleco/ Atari, OG Vinyl Ghetto Blaster, Sneakers, Ladders, signage etc etc etc...

There's a stack of other stuff to check on the gallery site.

China Heights website

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