Friday, February 10, 2006

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NY Chinatown's infamous NOTORIOUS MSG

Just going through my files & I spotted their videoclip I downloaded a few years back. Worth another look for those who missed it. I'm not one for parody, but these dudes do it well. It still stands up & is worth a download. Even the songs are pretty amusing. They even have in stock at Amazon. They still seem to exist.

They worked hard in the kitchens.
They dreamed of rap superstardom.

Blasting out of the streets of Chinatown, the gates of Hell have opened and The Notorious MSG have been reborn with a vengeance. Servin' up deep-fried beats straight from the Chinese ghetto, they will not be stopped until they achieve complete musical destruction.


VIDEO: NOTORIOUS MSG - Straight Outta Canton 19.7MB downloadable QT file.
MP3 COLLECTION: NOTORIOUS MSG - 4 songs in Zip file.
Includes these tracks: 'Dim Sum Girl, 'FOB for Life', Straight Out of Canton' & 'Wok the Party.'

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