Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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RE-WRITING Festival. Turin, Italy
AMANTES. Torino . Via Principe Amedeo 38/a. 7/28 February.
During the XX Olympic Winter Games Turin 2006

One look at this site from Italy & you can see that there really is no argument that the Europeans can recognise culture & art. Where they celebrate art, no matter the form or style, the Australian govt & people treat it like a joke & spit upon it. Anyone who delves into graffiti here is labeled as 'scum'. It's all vandalism to them. From tags to full scale productions. It's all treated the same. Only people from broken homes with dislodged personalities partake in such activities. It's amazing stuff. Yet it's a totally different attitude in the northern hemisphere. They get it...

In Torino, Italy this month, while the 20th Winter Olympics are on, there will be a 3 week celebration of graffiti based artwork. Have a look through the website. The English might be fractured, but the sentiment is refreshing. They celebrate what our politicians deride. Yes, Australians have no culture. We do not understand culture. We understand sport, money & soap stars.

Re-writing website

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