Thursday, February 09, 2006

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MF Grimm diss towards MF Doom

If you missed it when it was uploaded on other sites, like Spine Magazine, here it is again. Beat is pretty dope. 3rd verse is nasty, though not vindictive. Huh?

From Soundslam
"MF Doom, an underground fan favorite, has gained a cult-like following in recent years. Born Daniel Dumile, the rapper/producer is now the subject of a diss track from his former friend and group mate, MF Grimm.

Grimm recently recorded the track “Book of Daniel” and made no qualms about aiming the lyrical content at Doom. The two had been previously involved in groups such as KMD and Monsta Island Czars, but hatchets thought to be buried have since resurfaced. While the motivating factors for the diss track have not yet been officially declared by Grimm (beyond the song), the lyrics (from Grimm and fellow Monsta Island Czars members) tell a personal story between the two involving guilt, pain, honesty, joy and retribution.

The song itself was crafted by DJ Crucial, a St. Louis native and F5 Records artist who also produced J-Toth’s “Ghostwhirl Remix” featuring MF Doom."

MP3: MF GRIMM - Book of Daniel

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