Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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Upcoming b-boy doco ALL OUT WAR

It's almost here. The trailer looks pretty schmick, as to do the images in the gallery section.

From the website
"All Out War is a new, feature-length documentary on the art of breakdancing. The film will capture the true essence of Hip Hop and breakdancing's role in this significant aspect of modern, urban youth culture.

From its humble birth in the streets of the Bronx to its fast-paced explosion as a world renowned phenomenon, breakdancing can no longer be considered a passing fad. It warrants recognition as a true and powerful art form. Breakdancing has continually inspired many generations, spawning a new breed of B-boys and B-girls who are taking the dance to unimaginable heights. B-boy culture is now more alive than it ever was and a primary reason why, is its world wide transcendence.

Our objective with the filming of All Out War is to document not only the Battle of The Year event but to follow 6-8 different countries/crews on their journey towards the quest to be the best of the best. Countries such as Korea, France, Israel, China, U.S. Japan, U.K. and Germany will be featured in the film. Each one of these countries hosts a preliminary battle where all of the top crews compete to see who will get flown to Germany for the Battle of The Year and represent their homeland.

All Out War website

There is also another documentary underway that looks pretty fresh, Planet B-Boy. Similiar theme as well. Check the preview clip for the Flashdance scene, Japanese style. Website not as dope, but footage is well shot.

Planet B-Boy website

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