Sunday, February 19, 2006

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NOT GUILTY Vol 2: Capitol Punishment

Whooh haa!!! I have the 1st video on VHS & that was pretty damn good for its time in 2002, but after watching the trailer for the new video, the bar appears to have been raised over pretty much ALL the graff vids i've seen. And I've only watched the trailer. It looks very professional & tightly edited. The music & visuals seem to be much more compelling than most DVDs giving it a very polished, yet gritty feel. A lot of graff vids can get very samey with the cliched shots of panels running past, night time footage, something new had to be done to create an experience that keeps the viewer intrigued. This looks like the winner.

Produced by the M.I.L.I.T.I.A. Collective. Features German lads How & Nosm of TATS Cru travelling the world.

Not Guilty trailer 3.6MB downloadable QT file

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