Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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GRANDMASTER CAZ gives Hip Hop tours

Caz is still proud as punch to represent the original aesthetics of hip hop. While people half his age, without the history, diss people like him for staying true. Good on him. And fuck them. Caz would rip them all a new arsehole in a second. Cold Crush Brothers you suckers. Ha ha. This stuff is way more important & personal to them than to those who never lived it, experienced it or practised it. I'd rather have Caz's personal viewpoint anyday than someone from a message board..or a blog. lol

Kurtis Blow, Doug E. Fresh & D.J. Red Alert are also a part of a New York venture called Hush Tours. Have a look at the site & see all the Japanese & Europeans enjoying themselves in group photos with these classic figures of old school hip hop. Hopefully some Americans from interstate also go do the tour.

Sure it might look a little fruity to a New Yorker, but if Caz & co are getting paid from their own history, then props. I'd do it for a laugh...and an education. Looks like fun.

Check the 2000 word article from the New York Times.

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Geepers said...

yeh I got one.
While travelling in 2002 I planned a trip to NYC pretty much based around this Hush Tour.
On the morning the tour was due to start (after a huge trek to where the meeting place was) I was told there weren't enough people to validate the tour. They did reimburse me with a cheque that I cashed and spent that same day trying to locate these spots on my own, was a wild experience in itself yet probably not as informative as it could have been.

Next time NY, NEXT TIME!