Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Council funded MURAL PROJECT in Chico, California

While our local councils & politicians are going apeshit over graffiti & cracking down hardcore, there are some more progressive people in authority who are approaching the dilemma with more positive results. In fact they even comment on the website how they are approaching the problem with statements like this. "Chico has taken a more European stance in regard to the artform of aerosol mural art, and a proactive approach in vandalism abatement by turning negatives (chronic vandalism) into positives (community murals)". Hal-e-bloody-lujah. Someone in charge gets it.

The retarded idiots who want to combat the 'plight' obviously do not realise that the more they crack down with these pathetic gestapo tactics the more kids will fuck shit up. You cannot stamp it out. It's impossible. They said the same things 20 yrs ago. It's stronger than ever. Most writers don't like shitty tags either. We'd rather see a dope burner than some ghetto'd up piece of shit wall with toy crap on them.

Now even the emo stencil kids are underfire in Melbourne.

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