Wednesday, February 01, 2006

PRO X FADE crossfader
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My crossfader is up the spout, so when I saw this advert online I immediately investigated because I was well impressed by what I had seen. Totally gobsmacked by the insanely creative videoclip.

I then found a comprehensive review at the always impressive Scratchworx review. Once you read the review & go to the Eclectic Breaks website you will be sold. Trust me. Sounds like a labour of love & attention has gone into this baby, but all that aside, if the video advert doesn't impress you enough to consider purchasing the crossfader alone, then I give up.

The best advert EVER for deejay related anything.
Brilliant... DOWNLOAD NOW. Created by Chris Cairns..
Pro X Fade Updated 09/Feb/06. Previous link has been removed.
Chris Cairns' original idea Download player & watch E4's 'Ident'.


scruba said...

yo biggedy blazske, sounds dope, but I cant find the ad/vid on that site

idiotproof67 said...

Found a new link. The other one seems to have vanished.