Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ultimate Breaks & Beats Vol 26

The real 26th volume in the legendary series has returned after a 15 year absence. Strictly Breaks kind of took up the format in the 90s by also having illustated covers, but had nothing to do with the originals. The game has changed somewhat, so maybe they should have just made a website for Serato heads to download from. Then again, those MP3 suckers wouldn't get teh excellent 12" cover art from Kev Harris (TM7 Productions). Which I presume was created back then, because it is in the same exact style as we all remember. Rumour has it that Louis Flores died a few years back & that these contain edits of tracks that should have appeared on a release that was supposed to come out in 91.

As per the most recent issues of these classic 'bootlegs', they come in a double copy set.

1. Joe Tex - You Said A Bad Word
2. Johnny Taylor - Ever Ready
3. Coalkitchen - Keep On Pushing
4. Graham Central Station - The Jam (Remixed)

1. Touble Funk - Lets Get Small
2. Tony Alvon - Sexy Coffee Pot
3. Hank Carbo - Hot Pants (part 2) (Remixed)

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