Friday, May 05, 2006


I cannot believe this was upped on the Tube. I haven't seen this for 20 years or so. One of the 1st clips I saw that had popping in it. Awesome track & dope clip. Well, you had to have grown up in those times to appreciate the, er... fashion sense. Also the first time I saw the Brit's interpretation of the NY sound & style. Pretty strange when you think how Freeez were originally a jazz funk outfit & then into this. I think Bluey from Incognito used to hang with them.

BREAK MACHINE - Street Dance

I believe this was a German production. Still in retrospect it isn't that bad a track & the 3 brothers must've had their actions rewound a zillion times on everyones VCR back then, just so we could work out the moves. Brings back a heap of memories of practising at the local Police Boys Club with my crew.

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Derwood said...

dang, always coming with the goods aint ya
I picked up the Break Machine album at a record fair a couple of years back boy was that a happy day
still seeking I.O.U.