Monday, May 01, 2006

Footage of ZEPHYR, REVOLT & MIN ONE 1983.

Wow. I love seeing old footage I didn't even know existed. The 3 of them doing silver pieces in the West Side tunnels circa 1983. Nicely edited & designed. So dope.

Zephyr later went on to do the early graphic parts of MTV. Those bits in between clips. Maybe he sourced some of Chalfant's infamous 6hrs of extra footage that never made it into Style Wars & edited it for this 2:30min clip.

More at Zephyr's site.

The track playing over the footage is 'Films' by Gary Numan. Available on his excellent album 'The Pleasure Principle'. I recommend his 'best of' collection Exposed, because it also has the b-boy favourites 'Cars' & 'We are Glass.'


BiffReagle said...

shit man nice find... still nothing compared to some of the graphs in Style Wars!

For anyone who hasnt checked it already heres Style Wars

Lowrez said...

Oh dude this is fuckin dope.. what is the song in this clip! Id love to know.