Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Soul Boulders - Matthew Africa & DJ B.Cause
One the best funk/soul mixes around. You need this one. Check this page for more details.
Or visit Matt's MySpace page.

This is their blurb...
"My homie DJ B.Cause and I have finally finished up SOUL BOULDERS, a dynamite 70+ minute mix of slow, funky soul.

SOUL BOULDERS came together because B.Cause and I share a love for a certain sound -- 70s era soul that's a little too soulful for the funk crowd, a little too funky for the soul crowd and too slow for the dancefloor. We both have a lot of records and we spent weeks scouring for some of the heaviest soul sounds we knew of and then stitching them together into a seamless mix. Although many of the songs are known only to collectors, our emphasis is on quality, rather than rarity, and it's a fantastic listen all the way through."

Click on image to enlarge track listing.

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