Friday, May 12, 2006

MATTY B - Simple, But Effective.

Just wanted to up a track from his new album for the weekend.. Ha..

Shoguns Blurb...

"Matty B, Australia’s most likeable MC returns with his second album, ‘Simple But Effective’. Originally hailing from Perth, WA, Matty B kicked off his solo career in 2000 appearing on the first ‘Culture Of Kings’ compilation with his track “Courageous”. Since then, Matty B has been a popular inclusion on many Australian hip hop compilations such as ‘15 Oz Of Vinyl’ (Crookneck), ‘Mamma’s Kitchen’ (Obese Records) and most importantly, Triple J’s Super Request ‘Dog’s Breakfast’ compilation of the most frequently requested tracks on Triple J’s Super Request programme. ‘Simple But Effective’ contains some very memorable moments including “Aussie Weekender”, which Matty describes as “the follow up to ‘Fridays’, about taking time out to have some fun with your mates and enjoy a beer and the many beaches this beautiful country has” and the hilarious “I’m a Joke” which reminds us that we still have the ability to laugh at ourselves in the face of our imperfections. Matty has always delivered the truth about his country, in an Australian accent from the point of view of an average Australian bloke. Some may call it simple but it sure as hell is effective!"

MP3: MATTY B - Aussie Weekender. 192kbps
Produced by Dazastah (Downsyde).


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