Sunday, May 21, 2006

Whew!! Thought while I was on a roll I should at least finish Part 2. Might take me awhile to create Part 3. Still looking through my crates of vinyl & CDs for ones I haven't able to find as yet. Trying to make them something worth having. Hope you appreciate the effort, 'cause I certainly do... Ha! - Idiot Proof.

And yes I know this is a pretty nerdy thing to do, but I wanted to do something thematical & graff comes naturally as a topic for me.

Arsonists - Underground Vandal
Looptroop - Adrenalin Rush
Raydar Ellis - Graffiti Rock
The Shapeshifters - Vandal Squad ft. Met Fly, Existereo
Bukue One - 4 Tha Graff Hedz
Kero One - The Cycle Repeats
The Narcissists - Graffwriters
Company Flow - End To End Burners
Tommy Tee - Aerosoul
Promoe - These Walls Don’t Lie
Souls of Mischief - Stealth Bombing
Longevity - Burners ft. Abstract Rude & St. Mark
Talib Kweli & Rakim – Subway Surfers aka Getting Up Anthem
Full Throttle - It's An Honour
DJ Vadim - 4 My Writers ft. Juice
Blade & The Bazay Jam Band – Getting’ It On 82 (Peril remix of 'Soda Pop')
Bucc - Style Wars

• Download here: Return of the Rhyme Vandals. 91MBs/66mins/192kbps


K. said...

Very cool thanks for sharing.

BiffReagle said...

im really enjoying these! keep up the good work

jmez said...

i'm keen to hear this mix, but havig touble downloading. Any chance you could up a fresh link? Also, i'm keen to get a mix or two up on Stealth Activity Fun book. How do i do it?

idiotproof67 said...

It's still an active file.
The trouble must be on your end.
I just checked & it was downloading for me...

There doesn't seem to be a file hosting site that works for everyone unfortunately.

Keep trying or use another computer.

Just email a link to me of a mix you have uploaded to a file hosting site (not Yousendit, because it only lasts for 25 downloads).

Anonymous said...

Not working for me, tried at home and at work and in IE and Firefox. Says permission denied so it might be a server issue.