Saturday, May 06, 2006

MR NOGATCO - Nogatco Rd.

Kool Keith seems to be making some good music these days. After a few years where he went off hooking up with some, er, um, not so good producers, we now finally get to hear him over a more sampled based style of production. It isn't really a sequal to Dr Octagon, because there is no Automator in sight, but instead its kinda sorta Octagonish in spirit & name reversal alone. What we do get is more of Kieth's obsession with aliens & space. I was totally satisfied with all the kooky dialogue snatches from some of the 50s sci-fi films that are scattered throught the album. I think its a great return to form, maybe not 100%, but the track Alpha Omega is perhaps my now favourite track of the year. Its absolute Keith at his most lyrical golden. Mouse collectors, bubblegum, Captain Kirk & Spock, Bobby Brown, celestial divisions, 800pound women.. you know the deal, its all in there.

'He's strange, he's Spacey'. No shit.

Check out a freaky alien dissecting video & download a B&W image to colour from the label Insomniac.

• MP3: MR NOGATCO - Alpha Omega. 192kbps
• MP3: MR NOGATCO - Live Dissection ft. Sage Francis & Sole. 192kbps

PROJECT POLAROID - Project Polaroid

Bay Area producer Tom C hooks up another more rewarding effort for Keith. This time its with some hard as fuck crunchy drums & some more spacey tripped out sounds, but on a darker tone than Mr Nogatco. Strangely its on Kutmasta Kurt's label Threshold. I swear KK keeps everyone on their toes as he swerves, dives, ducks & keeps everyone guessing with his friendship patterns. We all know if the beats suck, then Keith ends up being non-listenable. I can say that this is another step in the right direction & I hope he keeps it up.

Find them on Myspace.

• MP3: PROJECT POLAROID - Diamond District. 192kbps
• MP3: PROJECT POLAROID - Digital Engineering. 192kbps

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