Thursday, May 18, 2006

RHYME VANDALS mix I did...
Okay, I've finished part 1 of my 2 part graffiti focused mixes. Took a lot of research & persistance so hopefully it goes down well. This one is a mix of US, English, Swedish, Norwegian & Australian tracks. I added bits of dialogue, used some effects & created a few edits, nothing too fancy schmancy, so it should flow okay. Part 2 should be just as solid. I could have made 3 x 60min mixes, but instead I cut it down to 2 x 70min mixes, so as not to force myself to include some 2nd rate tracks. I also wanted to use only contemporary songs. Rhymesayers member DJ Jay Bird already has a mix called Aerosolics that used a lot of the classics, so I went deeper. If was to release this properly I would've spent time adding cuts, but as this is a freebie I relented on spending more time on it. - Idiot Proof.

Typical Cats
- The Manhattan Project
Fort Minor - Spray Paint & Ink Pens ft. Lupe Fiasco & Ghostface Killah
KRS-One - Out For Fame
Company Flow - Lune TNS
Swarmy - Trains Mission
Looptroop - Ambush in the Night
Warlocks - Strictly Kings & Better
Blade & The Bazay Jam Band - Blades Theme (Jigsaw Jeff remix of Pacman)
Prefuse 73 - Wanted ft. Mr.Lif
Task Force - Still Bombing
Dilated Peoples - Night Life
Ex Vandalz - Industry Standard ft. Perk One, Rakaa Iriscience & 2Mex
Bias B - Hursty
Promoe - Freedom Fighters ft. Cos.M.I.C
Tame One - Homage 2 Da Bomberz
El-P - Bombing Pt. 2

• Download here: Rhyme Vandals. 97MBs/70mins/192kbps

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, the download isn't working any more.. Could you host it again for us? PLEASE!