Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Cut Chemist is coming...

The Warner execs must've dictated the image change. Gone has his scruffy demeanour, long white t-shirt, unkempt hair, extra kilos & dirty fingernails. In comes the more photogenic styled up look. From early samples of the forthcoming album The Audience is Listening we need not fear too much of a departure. It could be easily said that he would have suffered in the sample clearance department with a higher profile. So it'll be interesting if anything.

Myspace page.

Some recent CUT CHEMIST goodies

• MP3: CUT CHEMIST - Coast to Coast from the Sound of L.A EP.
• MP3: JEM - They (Cut Chemist remix instrumental)
• MP3: AMMONCONTACT - Drum Riders ft. Brother J & Cut Chemist
• MP3: EDAN - Torture Chamber (Cut chemist remix) 12" version
• MP3: CUT CHEMIST - Storm ft. Edan & Mr Lif (first 12" off the new album)
• MP3: BREAKESTRA - How Do You Really Feel (Cut Chemist Atkins remix)
I presume he means the diet fellow & not Juan.

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Ill-O the Excavata said...

Noice work Blaze. I was gonna say fuck i was sick of seeing his big wig, but i never thought maybe the execs had something to do with it. Maybe they do......