Thursday, May 18, 2006

RESPECT OVERDUE compilation.
Australian 70's Funk/Jazz/Soul.

Chris from Nothside Records in Melbourne reading Stealth. Nice one.

Finally after what seems like almost forever we get the 3rd & most likely the final instalment of the ‘Respect Overdue’ series. This time it's through the Creative Vibes associated label, Basement Digs & it’s a blinder as well as being a fantastic indication that Australia wasn’t entirely a desert when it came to black originated music. Yes, it was extremely small, but at least there was enough to fill 4 CDs worth (Ubiquity/Luv n Haight also released an Australian funk/jazz compilation in the 90s). This new compilation shows that jazz was the more flavoured style back in the 70s, for only the tracks by Al Styne, The Life Organisation & ironically enough Helen Reddy with her version of ‘Hit the Road Jack’. To be fair, they step closer to big band cover versions that wouldn’t have been out of place in an RSL jukebox. Yes, we do get a few wah wah guitar licks, but on the whole its jazz fest. And Don Lane is a yank (he covers Bill Withers ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’), so it still looks as though we needed their help in creating this music. I can’t help but thinking that there must be better tracks out there than these. Its great & everything, but when the Masters Apprentice’s have the most exciting track on the album you have to wonder. You’d be hard pressed to name an Australian group that had a decent album’s worth of material that wasn’t jazz related from that era. Some of the tracks verge on easy listening & I’m saying that as a fan of the easy styles. It is an essential purchase no matter how you look at it, but no wonder Renee Geyer left this country. I want more from Al Steyne, for his rousing interpretation of Survivor’s ‘Vehicle’ (he wrote their 'Eye of The Tiger' song) is a slam down winner. Whatever I said about it, I still rate it.

Track listing...
Pink Steamroller The Life Organisation
Name Of The Game Billy Burton
Vehicle Al Styne
Song For Bobby Pyramid
Brown Tony Gould
Intergrations Charlie Munro
Feelin' Feline Trio
Rio De Camiro The Masters Apprentices
Nobody Nose Crossfire
December Dance Brian Brown Quintet
Hit The Road Jack Helen Reddy
Number One The Ted Vining Trio
Ain't No Sunshine Don Lane
Softly As In A Morning Sunrise Tony Ansell

• MP3: The LIFE ORGANISATION - Pink Steamroller. 192kbps
• MP3: AL STYNE - Vehicle. 192kbps

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