Saturday, March 18, 2006

View the The Herd's version of Redgum's 1983 classic, I Was Only 19.

The original song was an indictment towards those who looked down upon returning serviceman from the Vietnam conflict. Many who were young conscripted civilians who had no choice but to go to war merely because their Nos came up. The original writer & singer John Schumann also appears on the new version.

The fantastic emotional video is another notch in Australian hip hop's homegrown expression belt. And props to the lads at Elefant Traks for not being afraid of discussing worthy subject matter. I'm also glad they didn't dress themselves up as soldiers in the clip. A smart decision to let the video speak for itself.

Seems like there is a resurgence in the subject matter for Fred Schepisi will be shooting the film Last Man this year as well. "It's based on the true story of five soldiers from Australia's Special Air Service operating behind the lines in Vietnam. The story is told from the point of view of these men many years later as they gather for the funeral of their sergeant."

• View the video clip on the filmmakers website, Broken Yellow.
• Or download the 20MB Quicktime file from here.

and I just spotted this at the ET website...

Hermits in Malaysia!
with Hermitude

Venue: Kuala Lumpur
Price: invite only

Yes yes yall the Hermits are taking their ish to the "Lifestyles of the Rich & Malaysian" crowd at the "Discover Hennessy" party. Venue TBA, It will be an exclusive downtown KL location. First OS gig for Hermitude! Jiargh bwoy. Urthy and Ozi are traveling with them to offer a sultry sideshow... well... you know...rap and shit. This will be a good taster for the big Japanese and European tour for the lads in May.

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