Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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GNARLS BARKLEY aka DangerMouse & Cee-Lo
The album is crazy. Well from what I've heard on the 7 track promo CD anyway. The cover version of The Violent Femmes Gone Daddy Gone' is stellar. Its a very diverse set of styles & shows that the Mouse is enjoying his access to work with other kooky artists like Jemini & Doom. I've upped the track Basically & I Try because they are 2 of the more restrained tracks that i've played repeatedly. Some of the others are like Outkast's Bombs Over Baghdad & I have to be in the right mood for them. As you can see by the imagery, they seem to be having fun with appropriating cult film characters. All in all it looks to be a worthy project & i'm sure it will be a media darling once the album launches in May

Here's their website. And yes, here they are on MySpace.

• MP3: GNARLS BARKLEY - Basically.

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Kush Bro said...

Is Dangermouse also known as DJ Lip? He sure does look like him.