Friday, March 31, 2006

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New comedy with Slim Kid, Mighty Casey, etc...

"Six Ni**az in a Cadillac is a social commentary revolving around the use of the "N" word. A crew of freestyle rappers, led by Militant Mic and Pooky, are on a journey to make it in the world of Hip Hop. The story takes place over the course of one evening when our crew is on their way to a Battle Royale competition in which they were the runners up the previous year."

Read about this a year ago & looks like its finally finished. Seems to be a very low budget flick with ahorrible website, so expect it on DVD before the year is out. Stars former Pharcyde member Tre 'Slim Kid' Hardson, Stonesthrow's Wildchild, 2 for 5's Oktober, goofball Mighty Casey, Motive & Elvee. I spot Grandmaster Caz in some of the photos & a whole of Hasidic Jews running about. Could be cult, could be crap. Lets just hope that the personalities can carry the film.

• Six Ni**az In A Cadillac website.

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