Monday, March 13, 2006

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DJ RIP ONE is incredible.....

I finally found it. It's only 37 minutes in total, but it's off the freaking chain. I don't even know the story behind the mix, just download it before it dissapears. It's soooooo dope.

All I can say is that RIP ONE IS the fucking man. Dude is crazy.
I love his stuff because he does up-tempo rhythm scratching, something most new school scratch deejays can't do for shit.

Why isn't he doing more stuff we ask. Why...??? Where are you Galen?????

The scratches on this are from a maniac. More scratching on the 1st part, but then it gets more hectic & uptempo on the 2nd part. Listen to his cuts... Dude is a freak....

just added.....
Yes, I do believe it is 'THE ESSENCE' tape. I don't have a tape deck & haven't heard it for years, but it has been pointed out to me that it is just under a different name for some crazy reason. It wa sfamiliar, but I just couldn't place it.

MP3: DJ RIP ONE - Bionic B-Boy 1
MP3: DJ RIP ONE - Bionic B-Boy 2


Kush said...

This sounds like one of the sides of his tape 'The Essence' (from 99?). Actually I'm pretty sure it is...

Anonymous said...

Yo Blaze,

That's actually off of "The Essence" mixtape.I feel like I know each cut cos it's still on high rotation in my radio-less car.

Keep up the dopeness!!