Sunday, March 26, 2006

UK compilation for the Scottish Socialist Party.

Some of the leading rap and hip hop artists in Britain and internationally have come together to produce a compilation CD for the Scottish Socialist Party.

Outraged at the treatment of the SSP MSPs, some of Britain’s leading rap and hip hop record labels set about appealing to their artists to donate tracks for the compilation. The response was overwhelming and the SSP is proud to announce a CD of superb material from Rodney P, Skinnyman, King Biscuit Time, Benjamin Zephaniah, Monkey Tribe, Emmanuel featuring KRS1 and many others.

All the money raised from the CD will go towards the fighting fund established to make good the £30,000 fine imposed by the parliament on the SSP MSPs and parliamentary staff for the protest.

The CD was released by Single Cell Press on February 27. SSP national convener Colin Fox said of it, “We are absolutely delighted that the rap and hip hop artists featured on this CD have given their time and world renowned talent in recognition of the injustice that was perpetrated on the SSP following our protest in the Scottish Parliament in June of 2005 over the right to peaceful protest at the G8 summit at Gleneagles.

“The SSP is enormously proud that artists of such stature should contribute to this CD and it is a testament to the vibrant rap and hip hop community of which Single Cell Press is a part of that this CD has been released under the title Fight The Power: Defend Socialism."

From Green Left Weekly, March 29, 2006.

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