Monday, March 27, 2006


I've been listening the Hoods 4th album all day. Its solid from start to finish & easily their best work to date. Before I write a review I wanted to up the possse track. It's a blinder. Competing with Def Wish Cast's early 90s Saga as one of our best collective emcees type a tracks. It features 12 locals including Hau, Muph, Pegz, Vents, Trials, Drapht, Mortar, Sesta, Robby Balboa, Honz, Pressure & Suffa.

From the publicity material.
Hilltop Hoods' much anticipated new album features a mix of tracks, lyrics and beats to cater to all tastes. Titled The Hard Road, it's about doing things the hard way as opposed to taking the short route to success. As a group that has been together for over a decade, this is a title that certainly rings true. There's guest production by Trials and Simplex with 1 bumper guest track which has to go down as the biggest oz posse track yet. The Hard Road is due to be released on the 1st of April.

• MP3 : HILLTOP HOODS - The Blue Blooded ft The Blue Blooded Allstars.

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