Friday, August 04, 2006

MONKEY SONS from Brighton.
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I definitely feel that Brighton is my favourite area for UK hip hop. The great sense of humour & purity appeals to me. And this new joint venture of 2 crews, Hundreth Money & Sons of the Tribe, seems to cement my opinion.

The kooks have written their website in Latin... You can download an excellent free album from the site. The live band/crew includes Bandog, formerly of Killa Instinct. It may be a live band, but f*ck me if it doesn't sound like beats, loops & samples.

MONKEY SONS website.

Have squizz at the awesome posse track... Brilliant performances from all the emcees.

• MP3: MONKEY SONS - X-Ray Eyes ft. Junior Disprol, Real D, Legs MC, Exile, Websta, MC Phet, TS One, Louie The Monkey, Tekneek, Rage, Eastborn, DJ Sasquatch.
• MP3: MONKEY SONS - Sunshine Days. A breezy summer anthem. Hot stuff.


Anonymous said...

The monkeys are the way forward!
If only all new UK stuff sounded like them. Musical with a real fire hardcore edge.
Blessed be the monkeys

Anonymous said...

No one dare fuck with the almighty Bandog and the Monkeys ... if you do, you're gonna come off second best !