Monday, August 14, 2006

JISOE. Melbourne graff documentary

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Thursday 24 August 6.30 pm
Chauvel Cinema, Paddington Town Hall
Corner Oatley Road and Oxford Street, Paddington

Jisoe is set inside Melbourne's underground graffiti scene. The provocative film exposes for the first time how this international culture has carved an identity in Australian suburbia.

The film centres on Justin Hughes (aka Jisoe), a young graffiti artist who is part of an emerging Australian underclass. The story swings between Justin's gritty daily existence of painting trains and smoking drugs, to intimate, emotional moments such as the birth of his child, the deterioration of his relationship and, finally, his eventual mental breakdown.

Jisoe reveals a private, highly secretive (and paranoid) subculture, taking place completely in the face of the public. Although the film is set to a backdrop of ambitious graffiti art and a soundtrack including original local hip hop artists.

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Parker Catalano said...

I strongly recommend that you check out this documentary about San Francisco Graff thats called Piece By Piece. It has guys like chubs who just demolish other character writers.

Anonymous said...

i hope this gets down 2 ADL i been a fan of jisoe for years