Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Germany's MOMENTAN

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I've been a bit slack in the overseas department recently, so i'll endeavour to fix that up in the next week or so.

They're still making some excellent music over in Germany, despite all that bling rubbish that seems to dominate the main websites. Momentan are one of my recent finds that stick out. They have a cleverly designed website that has everything that might even convince you. They recently toured Europe with O.C. & El Da Sensai (who appears on the track Good Times on their 'SoulMates' EP). You can listen to their music on their main emcee's MySpace page or more on their deejays page. Personally I think it's quality stuff. Soulful & the beats, scratches & style are all on point.

The videoclip for the single 'Im Nachhinein' shows us the world famous Groove Attack record store in Cologne.

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Parker Catalano said...

I really like the band's name, and due to a major lack of german artists in my collection, I will have to check these guys out.