Friday, July 07, 2006

OH NO - Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms

Okay, while someone has borrowed my Aloe Blacc album, I’ll have to twist my brain to put my ear to the speaker while yet another new Stones Throw album is pushed through my letter box. I wasn’t feeling Roc C’s recent debut, but an album that does include a contribution from C has been getting my gonads gushing. That would be the new experiment from Oh No ‘Exodus into Unherad Rhythms’. It’s a fully polyunsaturated corker. Sure to give yu a heart attack in epic proprortions. Why, well because it’s a collaborative effort with revered Canadian pianist/composer Galt MacDermot. Okay, maybe the 2 of them weren’t in the studio together, but Otis (Madlib) Jackson Jr’s little brother Michael managed to get his hands on the original recordings of the esteemed MacDermot. Obviously with his permission & blessing, for on the inside of the CD cover you can see Galt lounging with Oh No.

I read that Stones Throw’s obsessive record nut Egon worked for Galt’s son Vince a few years back on his dad’s label Kilmarnock. So maybe this helped in connecting the dots for this eventual hook-up. I can honestly say it’s turned into my favourite album of the last few weeks after only a few days listening. Sure it definitely helps from its source material, but also by Oh No’s choice of emcees that bless the beats. Thankfully we mostly get a swag of artists who have something to say, such as Cali Agents (Planet Asia & Rasco), Poor Righteous Teacher leader Wise Intelligent, LMNO, Buckshot, Wordsworth, Posdonous, Frank N Dank, AG, Vast Aire, Dudley Perkins, etc. Even the Aloe Blacc & Roc C track ‘Keep Tryin’ is superb. Not one dud track. I can’t find anything to fault it by. It’s a rewarding experience & makes me want to pull out Does this say more for Oh No’s talents or for Galt MacDermot’s genius? Lets just hope that anyone who buys this might get a little inspiration to discover some of the back catalogue of this now almost 80 year old composer.

There will be a much deserved documentary film released next year called ‘Ear of the Hear: The Music of Galt MacDermot’. You can find a preview for it on the Net at He may seem obscure to most, but everyone would be familiar with his pivotal soundtrack recording of the musical ‘Hair’ or at least the songs, ‘Age of Aquarius, ‘Let the Sunshine In’, all those classic 60s hippie themes that came from the much covered soundtrack.

Above: Videoclip for 1st single T.Biggums - Oh No ft Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow.

• MP3: OH NO - Black ft Wise Intelligent.
• MP3: OH NO - Smile A Lil Bit ft. Posdonous.

Ear of the Heart: The Music of Galt MacDermot. Quicktime film preview for 2007 release.

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