Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mike Relm's Dr Octagon mix.

Not familiar with Mike Relm? Don't worry, there's time to catch up with his stuff. Firstly by downloading his new Dr Octagon mix. He did tour down here in Oz with Money Mark last year. Not that anyone knew. You can go search for hsi rather incredible mix-cd, Radio Fryer. Have a look at his website to see more.

You can follow the links on The Return of Dr Octagon website or direct download from the link below.

Check this excellent live video of a show from Vancouver, Dec 2005.

Direct downloads.
MP3: The Remix of Dr Octagon mix. 20mins/192kbps/30MBs
MP3: Lyrical Swords Westside Rebellion Mix. 9mins/128kbps/9MBs
DJ Relm cutting up Adisa (The Bishop) Banjoko's Speech at Harvard with Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise" plus Balance, the Bay Area Mixtape King.
Interview from April.

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jeej said...

I'm familiar with Money Mark, but not Mike Relm. Downloading that mix now. Thanks. :-)