Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Trinity International Hip Hop Festival

Join us for a FREE weekend of incredible music, art, dance & film.
Trinity College is located at 300 Summit Street Hartford, Connecticut.
All ages welcome!!!

Hip Hop has gone global!

Time to celebrate the culture and this common current running around the world. This unique three-day event aims to do just that, celebrate & educate.

The weekend boasts a line up of performers from Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Haiti, India, Mexico, Iraq, Korea, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Australia, France, Uganda, and more.
Performances will be in more than seven languages, Spanish, Swahili, and Portuguese among them. Fresh and multi-lingual! Along with film, art, live graffiti & b-boying there is something for all.

Trinity Hip Hop & Nomadic Wax

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