Monday, April 10, 2006

Jazzy Sport deejays from Japan.
Japanese only release... Great downtempo laidback vibe... Like most Japanese releases, pretty hard to obtain, but great selection of indy music from the excellent Shaman Works label.

I think this mix is by the Brooklyn based Japanese members of the JAZZY SPORT deejays...

Interview & pics of Die from Jazzy Sport. In Japanese, but some nice CD/vinyl design.

1. Intro. Mann Up/Lacks
2. Sorcerers/Kmd
3. Ibandan Sunrise Inst/Wale Oyejide
4. One Day, Everything Changed/Wale Oyejide Feat Lacks
5. Galangal Root/Mf Doom
6. More Than You Know/Emanon
7. Compassion/Lacks
8. This Is Dedicated To/Wale Oyejide Feat Mf Doom
9. Gravity(Hold Me Down)/Sol Uprising
10. Groove Intermissin/Sol Uprising
11. Raach Ya Sol/Sol Uprising Feat Lacks
12. There's War Going On/Wale Oyejide Feat Jay Dee
13. Hooks Is Extra/Chris Craft Feat Mf Doom
14. Dream Factory Drum Machine/Wale Oyejide
15. Reign On/Lacks
16. Riot&Revolt Inst/Wale Oyejide
17. Kava Kava Root/Mf Doom
18. Four Square/Emanon
19. Wasting Time(Broken Beat Mix)/Wale Oyejide
20. Black Snake Root/Mf Doom
21. Kaya/Wale Oyejide
22. There She Goes/The John Robinson Project
23. High John/Mf Doom

SHAMAN WORKS SYNERGY - Mixed by Jazzy Sport 91MBs

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