Monday, June 05, 2006

Finnish duo THE KOLLABO BROTHERS - For My People

Finnish lads The Kollabo Brothers (DJ Kool Ski & Staffro) have released their debut album with guests that span the years. Old school fans will like the inclusion of tracks that feature people such as Grandmaster Caz, Donald D, then Craig G, Tim Dog & Paris. As well as Zion, Afu-Ra, & Suomi emcee Gambit. They even get the services of fellow Finns, the jazz dudes Teddy Rok Seven with a remix of the Diamond D track 'My Flows Blow'. I upped the other remix & the deejay track.

My man Planet has a few songs uploaded from DJ Staffro over at his excellent Vinyl Athletes blog.

This is a slightly different version released on Japanese label Handcuts after initially coming out last year on Finnish label Kool Kat. Also available on double vinyl.

Associated label Recluse has some 12" single info.

Good luck in trying to track it down... Worth it though. Especially if you dig hearing some veterans on the mic.

• MP3: KOLLABO BROTHERS - My Flows Blow remix ft Diamond D
• MP3: KOLLABO BROTHERS - Words I Wrote ft Paris
• MP3: KOLLABO BROTHERS - Too Kool Brothers (deejay track)

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Planet said...

Sup IP. I just posted that new Kollabo Brothers 12" on my blog among a few other things. Oh and thanks for the plug. Peace.